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Easy to Use. Easy to Observe. Easy to Read.

Step 1

When ready to use, keep HotCow® Tags warm, near human-body temperature.

They can be applied in all seasons, but it is best NOT to apply them when cows are wet.

Step 2

HotCow® Tags stick to the hair. First brush away loose hair, especially during shedding or moulting.

Using the supplied Tack Cloth, wipe away dirt and dust.

Step 3

Apply the HotCow® Tag onto the hair across the backbone just forward of half the length between the hooks and pins.

Rub the HotCow® Tag onto the hair with your bare fingers.

The bright signal layer will begin to show after the first mount. True standing heat is indicated after multiple mounts as more of the rub-off layer is removed. 

Trust the original brand and don't get caught out with inferior copies.

Following one mount

Following three to five mounts

Following five mounts

Additional Instructions

  • In winter, trim long hair if necessary but do not clip hair shorter than 2.5cm
  • During fly season only, apply HotCow® nearer the top of the tail head so tail flicking does not damage the rub-off surface.
  • Remove sand or sawdust bedding and thoroughly clean application area
  • For smaller cows, place slightly forward of normal
  • For straightforward identification, HotCow® Tags are available in five easy to see colours – red, pink, blue, green & yellow.
  • DO NOT store tags in direct sunlight
  • Tags are not recommended for use with European style motorized rotary brushes